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LUCKY NDINISA: Never enriched himself, argues Maviyo Ndinisa.

A critique to an article, ‘the ANC that Lucky Ndinisa created’

Firstly I am confused which Tom Nkosi’s hat must I respond to, whether to Tom Nkosi the editor of Ziwaphi or the Tom Nkosi the leader of SACP in Phillip Radebe (Hlanzeni) and the man who has been tasked to build the communication capacity of the SACP In the province of Mpumalanga and a senior comrade of our movement with the capacity to occupy the space in the battle of ideas. I decided to engage the latter as a communist because you are better placed to use the tools of analysis.

The article singles out Lucky Ndinisa as a product of 2008 rigged congress, firstly the party in the province and national supported the DD Mabuza faction to crush the class project which was represented by Lassy Lekota (Chiwayo) and all members of the party respected democratic centralism and organizational discipline including yourself and leaders of the party and COSATU were elected in that congress which makes them a product of corruption in the movement. I think this issue of 2008 and its impact in the party needs a separate engagement and I would leave it with a question who was advising and gathering information for the faction of Cde Lassy.

The article is analyzing  the work of  comrade Lucky Ndinisa as a provincial secretary without providing a ground for comparison with the previous provincial secretaries and their stunning organizational work, where is historical materialism? Because as a communist and a comrade charged with the battle for ideas it was difficult for the leader to get the origin of your analysis.

In the article you attributed the departure of Collen Sedibe and Gordrich  Gardee, to EFF mainly due to the lack of intervention by the provincial secretary, My question is where was the collective? Where were our senior comrades in the PEC? Why they kept quiet? Let me say comrade Ngrayi Ngwenya the regional chairperson of the ANC disrespected Thabang Makwetla the premier in front of the president Thabo Mbeki during Imbizo at Kamhlushwa. He introduced himself as a member of the ANC and said ”we don’t want Thabang Makwetla we want DD Mabuza to be our premier”.

Thabang pleaded with the president and the ANC NEC to act, did the provincial secretary or the president act? No, because it was believed that Ngrayi and DD will deliver Thabo Mbeki at Polokwane Conference.

When Ngrayi (allegedly) assaulted the then ANCYL NEC member Cde Shirley Makhubela and Hamzar Ngwenya, Collen Sedibe was part of the DD-Ngrai faction. The common enemy was the provincial secretary who was supposed to be given a vote of no confidence and removed from office.

Therefore what was the reason for Lucky Ndinisa to reunite enemies against him and comrades?

The article did look at the difficult environment which was faced by the provincial secretary, cde Lucky Ndinisa tried to strengthen his office by employing the 1st deputy secretary of the SACP in Mpumalanga as an organizer and to help with political education, but instead Cde Lucky Ndinsa find himself isolated by the ANCYL, ANCWL and alliance partners. The comrade had to survive a vote of no confidence at Mango PGC and later to deal with being contested by his comrades from the left at 11th provincial congress of the ANC therefore who failed the ANC is cde Lucky Ndinisa or all of us who think are politically conscious?

The article implies that comrade Lucky Ndinisa must remain unemployed because any employment or deployment must be deemed as a reward from Cde DD Mabuza and that is dangerous and malicious because it has already given the public and his comrades that he does not deserve any deployment from the ANC or employment, in short the statement says Lucky Ndinisa does not have any capacity to serve the movement and to be employable therefore to maintain his public image must not accept any deployment from the ANC.

Actually if I recall very well Cde Lucky Ndinisa was serving with a collective of experienced cadres of the movement like Fish Mahlalela, Madala Masuku, Candith Mashego etc, in the last 8 years, I never heard anyone of these comrades raising a concern about how the organization is being managed in Mpumalanga.

I don’t recall anyone of them challenging Cde DD Mabuza, and they have been deployed since 2009 or let me say Cde DD Mabuza has been rewarding them since 2009 and for what? I don’t know maybe for keeping quiet. I think lucky Ndinisa deserves to be deployed or employed if the ANC deemed necessary without making him a subject of factional battles.

As a senior leader of the SACP in Mpumalanga with the responsibility of the battle of ideas I think the article missed an opportunity to give a political perspective on SAVE THE ANC, to say where and why it was formed? Who formed it? What does it represents, but instead you are glorifying factions by hero-worshiping those fallen out of favour with Cde DD Mabuza.

As the left in Mpumalanga we must stop to define a communist by how much he/she hates and insult DD Mabuza because we are continuously recycling ANC factions instead of building our party. I think comrade Lucky Ndinisa has read and understood the material condition he operated under and therefore chose to serve the ANC than to please factions.

The article gives a picture of a provincial secretary who is corrupt and moneyed, but as a communist you failed to appreciate that Cde Lucky Ndinisa was the  poorest provincial secretary of the ANC in the country, he didn’t even match the provincial secretary of the ANCYL for that matter.

As a communist I thought you will give credit to cde Lucky Ndinisa for not being the provincial secretary of tenders, patronage and for not being a politicalpreneurs. My little knowledge is that Lucky Ndinisa survived on his salary and does not own a company, he became a secretary to serve the ANC and the people than to abuse his office to enrich himself and his family and I think as a communist you were supposed to use him as an example of a selfless leader than joining the majority who said and still saying Lucky Ndinisa does not know power because he failed to enrich himself.

The article failed to recognise the embodiment of an alliance in Cde Lucky Ndinisa under difficult conditions, neither appreciated the fact that Cde Lucky Ndinisa survived without access to money and patronage to distribute, he survived without any support from ANCYL, ANCWL, SACP and COSATU.

The article failed to link his removal as a provincial secretary to the national politics instead it is glorifying and telling us how great is DD Mabuza because we all know that all the perception allegation and authority to dictate the direction of the ANC, provincial and local government do not befit the lifestyle and conduct of comrade Lucky Ndinisa therefore again maybe out of fear of the cat Cde Tom Nkosi went into the jugular of the rat.

I hoped the article was going to give us a better and analysis on the removal of Cde Lucky Ndinisa as a provincial secretary linking it to the national politics towards 2017 ANC national conference and the future relations of the alliance in the province under the new provincial secretary.

By Maviyo Ndinisa

Former provincial spokesperson of the YCLSA in Mpumalanga.

Former DEC member of the SACP in Phillip Radebe.

A brother and a comrade to Lucky Ndinisa .

Lets engage .

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