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Youth development initiatives have come to nothing since 1994 – says YCL

Reflecting on the article or Speech of Cde Hon Jomo Nyambi “working together to build limitless opportunities for the youth” in Parliament and Ziwaphi date 15 to 28 JUNE 2012, Volume 6 number 11

“The limitless opportunities for the youth under the current capitalist system will only be in the minds of the elite unless the youth use the same energy against apartheid to fight against capitalism and its tendencies”

I agree with the Hon Member of Parliament Cde Jomo Nyambi that the democratic government has a number of initiatives which seeks to address the socio economic challenges faced by the youth and that the youth must join hands to build our country, national identity and have a patriotic obligation to work for reconciliation.

Our struggle to build non racialism, non sexist and democratic society is not class neutral nor is it being executed in a vacuum but in a class contested environment, it is not a mistake that despite many initiatives by the democratic government but the situation of the working class, African and female youth has not change fundamentally because the barbaric, inhuman and anti youth capitalism is not folding its arms and watching us developing our youth but they are pursuing their struggle of accumulation.

The limitless opportunities for the youth are for those young people who are protecting, reproducing and working for a capitalist system. The struggle between the haves and the have not is permanent, (the two cannot work together until a communist state or dictatorship of the proletarian is achieved).

The problems of unemployment, HIV/AIDS and alcoholism, lack of skills and some of the social problems within the youth are not immune or innocent are also part and a function of the system of capitalism.

Public representative and friends of the youth like Cde Jomo Nyambi must understand the essence and context of the youth underdevelopment from a scientific perspective not from what they wish.

Since 1994 breakthrough there have been many positive things about youth development but all those have came to nothing e.g. a “call was made a decade ago that the youth must seize the opportunity of democracy” what happened to those opportunities? How can we blame young people for not grabbing the opportunities because most of the opportunities are beyond their control?

We are not blaming the democratic government for the ills but apartheid capitalism, but the democratic state and public representatives must understand the essence of the problems facing young people and take decisive action against capital.

The problems of the youth cannot be resolved by beaurocratic, elitist institutions created by government alone but the youth must be part of the struggle for their development which is inherently anti capitalism not cosmetic and reformism that leave everything intact but just change the form or the appearance of the capitalist system .we must also take the opportunity to dispel the myth and the propaganda by DA that youth subsidy is the alpha and omega of the youth unemployment and underdevelopment.

The situation and conditions of the youth in our country is a time bomb for the democratic order, it will also make us vulnerable for all sort of counter revolutionary forces, demagogic  and fascism if is not understood addressed  holistically and sustainably. The vast majority of the unemployed, estimated 72% are the youth between 15 -34 years; 43% of the new entrances into the labour market are young people.

The youth unemployment is not a sectoral problem but societal problem. Youth development and resolving unemployment is equivalent to resolving social economic problem in general. 68% of the unemployment have been unemployment for more than a year, 60% of them have less than secondary education,33% completed matric but have not tertiary education , 95% of the unemployed young people do not have a tertiary education, 60% of the youth have either not work in their lives or in five years.

As we celebrate the heroic contribution and sacrifice of the youth to our democracy, we take this opportunity to wish the youth all the best in their months, and salute those that are still active in the struggle and call all the youth to take up the struggle against capitalism, we further make the following proposal to our comrades like Jomo Nyambi and other young people or friends of the youth in power to addressed the issue of youth under development:

  • Reversing all outsourced activities in the state
  • Feeding scheme, security and cleaning services to be given to the people through youth co-operatives and local community project
  • Tenderisation of the state (National, Provincial and municipalities) be stopped and everything be given to the youth cooperatives
  • Implement free and compulsory education  from pre-school to university
  • Address the issue of mismatch of skill and the market and government to led in terms of information to the youth and skill development
  • National, provincial and local government to organize youth clubs or camps to teach the youth and children about our history, leaders and our symbols.
  • Revive  the student pledged introduce by the Minister  Education Hon  Naledi Pandor and be simplifies
  • Extended Public Works Program must not be used as public relation but getting the youth to acquired skills and income and it must be localised like all wards allocated  1000 young people in EPWP every two years and graduate to other levels, all government levels and institutions must account on EPWP   locally in all wards or villages
  • State own enterprises must account on youth development because they are budgeted a lot of money
  • Home based care and all programs that are dominated by the youth must be integrated in the public services
  • The number of CDW must increased to 20 per ward and their work be re orientated to include youth development and local economic development
  • Some of the luxuries of the public representative must be reduced for youth development
  • We must revisit and have a national dialogue on how far are we on the resolution of Employment Strategy Frame work 1998 and all job summit we has as country.

We are proposing the above mindful of the facts as taught by history that working class struggles or the struggle against capitalism cannot be won only through parliament and private sector community work.

We are aware the capitalist can even overthrow our democratically elected government through all means including military.

We are very proud of Jomo as one young person in our national parliament, Thanks comrade Jomo Nyambi for representing us in parliament as Mpumalanga and former young people.

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