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Woman blames police inaction for her abuse

A Mpumalanga woman who has been abused by her police husband blames the police for failing to act by repossessing his state issued firearm and reprimand the suspect. 

Khabo Maseko (not he real name) who was married to the officer, Polite Mfanuzondlani Ntini attached to the White River Flying Squad has been living a life of hell since 2012 when she decided to call it quits from their union.

According to Maseko, after she dumped Ntini attached to the White River flying squad, he told her that if he does not have her no one would. Ever since he’s been stalking and physical abusing her.

“The reason I left him was because he was beating me all the time. I thought one day he might kill me, but I could not get help anywhere.”

“Our families sat down and I told them I’m leaving but he would follow me where ever I went, he would beat me at gun point, and I had to get a court order for him. To my surprise he showed up at my new place with a gun which the state was warned to take away from him by the court” said Maseko.

She said she suffered abuse which included abduction, attempted rape and the man would stick his fingers on her private parts.

“I remember (earlier) this year he took me to his car, drove with me to a bush where he started beating me up, after that I was freed by other police and when they tried to take me to the hospital while bleeding her went to the clinic where I was and took me to his house instead of hospital where I was recommended to go to.”

“In his house he made me confess how many men I had slept with and how they had sex with me. He would put his fingers inside me and then tear my flesh with a gun on my head” said Maseko.

Maseko decided to go lay a charge and the accused way arrested last week and he was granted a R2000 bail.

“He is still at work and might temper with the case as he is a police too.” Said the scared Maseko who lives in hiding.

Police spokesman in Mpumalanga colonel Mtsholi Bhembe told this journalist that the accused is still at work but they have since taken the state firearm from him.

“The suspect was arrested, yes the firearm is no longer with him but he is still working. There are internal processes that are unfolding to have him suspended soon” said Bhembe.

About five women have been killed by either boyfriends or husband in Mpumalanga this year, in terms of reported cases.

According to Stats SA and South African Medical Research Council survey Mpumalanga was regarded as the one of the worrying provinces in terms of women abuse.

The survey that was undertaken in May this year around the country following the outcry of women abuse and the #manaretrash campaign placed Mpumalanga at 26.4% in terms of woman abuse.

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