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Mathews Phosa denies spy claims against Mabuza

Former ANC treasurer-general Mathews Phosa has denied having a vendetta against Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza or circulating a document alleging that Mabuza was an apartheid spy.

African Eye News Service spoke to Phosa following an urgent press conference held by the ANC in Mbombela on Monday.

“I have no vendetta against Mabuza. That document… someone gave it to me and as a disciplined member of the ANC I forwarded it to the leadership, which is what is to be done instead of sending it to the media; I sent it straight to the leadership,” Phosa told AENS.

The document is said to have stated that Mabuza participated in spying on his ANC comrades between 1985 and 1993.

During the press briefing, Mabuza said he was in the process of instituting a civil claim against Phosa because the former Mpumalanga premier handed the document to deputy secretary general (DSG) Jessie Duarte.

“I received a document from the deputy secretary general, comrade Jessie. According to the DSG, the document comes from comrade Mathews Phosa. Even the front cover of the document indicates such. I studied the document and I then reverted to say I’m going to take a few actions because the allegations on the document are scandalous, meant to diminish the good will that is bestowed on me by the ANC and the people of the province,” said Mabuza.

Mabuza said he has never been a spy, but an active member of the ANC and its struggle against apartheid.

“I regard the allegations to be senseless and spurious and in a very serious light. The fact that these allegations are made by someone I have worked with for these years I find it very unfortunate. All I can say to summarise what I have read (is that) I see this as a failed attempt to destroy first my political standing as a member of the ANC and (provincial) chairperson and a Premier… It’s nothing but mere political posturing,” Mabuza said.

The premier said the allegations were also bad for the image of the ANC as a liberation movement.

He said he wants Phosa to tell the court where the document came from because it is currently known that it came from him.

“I want him to prove that fact in court and he will tell us… For now all we know is that the document comes from him; he will tell us and we’ll trace it back to where it originates, but sitting here I know where it originates; that is why I’m saying he’s author of that document,” said Mabuza.

Mabuza said he has also written to state security minister David Mahlobo, who is from Mpumalanga, to investigate the matter.

“At any rate allow me to end this matter in court and the court process will be opened to everyone to listen. I appreciate this matter closed, I have very difficulty in running this province,” he said.

Mabuza added that there was a case in which he was a state witness in a case that was withdrawn, which he is now reconsidering to have reopened.

“Just wait; time will tell. You attend the court cases and you will know,” said Mabuza, when asked if the case involved Phosa.

ANC provincial secretary Lucky Ndinisa said the party would rally behind Mabuza and his leadership.

“And we want to put (ask) the president (Jacob Zuma) that he appoints a commission of inquiry,” said Ndinisa.

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