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SOPA 2012

“Last year, we committed ourselves to the establishment of the Sport Academy in Emakhazeni local municipality to nurture and develop world-class sporting talent in various sporting codes. I am happy to report that all plans and designs for the Sports Academy have been finalised. In the next financial year, we will commence with the construction phase of the project.” 

“Last year, we committed to the establishment of a cultural hub that will contribute to the development of various performing arts and contribute to the development of talent in various arts genres. It will provide a platform for performers, artists, musicians, designers and film makers to develop, exhibit, and market their artistic talents and skills.

This cultural hub will provide an opportunity to showcase crafts and artefacts that promote our history and heritage.

More importantly, the cultural hub will catalyse opportunities to export local crafts, create local employment and contribute to the growth of cultural industries in the Province.

Honourable Speaker, I am happy to report that the business plan has been finalized. Land has been acquired. We are ready to begin with the construction of the Cultural Hub in 2012/13 financial year,” said Mabuza on 24 February 2012.

HATC BUDGET: R50 000 000


TOTAL BUDGET: R74 000 000


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