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SOPA • 2013

“Honourable Speaker, last year we announced plans for the development of the High Altitude Training Centre in Emakhazeni (The name changes). We see the establishment of the High Altitude Training Centre as an important vehicle to deepen sporting talent and create opportunities for all our youth in the Province to develop into athletes of national and international stature.” “I am pleased to indicate that we have made progress in this regard. We have purchased land and finalised the designs for this Centre. All the Environmental Impact Assessment processes have been approved. Bulk services for offsite infrastructure have also been concluded. In the new financial year, we will commence with the construction,” said Mabuza. “Last year, we announced plans for the establishment of the Provincial Cultural Hub in the Province. For us, this Cultural Hub is an important platform for all sectors of our society to work together in growing and nourishing our diverse cultures, including the promotion of performing arts genres such as theatre, dance and music. “The Cultural Hub will be the epicentre of intersections across multiple and diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds that collectively embody a unique identity that defines Mpumalanga as a socially-inclusive and united Province. “Honourable Speaker, I am pleased that work towards the established of the Cultural Hub is in progress. We have purchased well suited land for the construction of the Provincial Cultural Hub. All planning work, including all legal processes, will be concluded by the end of the current financial year. In 2013/14, construction will commence,” said Mabuza on 1 March 2013. BUDGET: HATC: R10 000 000 CCH: R23 593 000 TOTAL: R33 593 000


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