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NO MORE TEES: Nkosinathi Lubisi (38) has stopped wearing ANC T-shirts because he hasn't received his RDP house in 13 years.

No more ANC T-shirts says man whose RDP house is delayed

A Mpumalanga mud shack-dweller who has been waiting for his RDP house for the past 13 years says he is now too embarrassed to continue wearing his ANC T-shirts.

Nkosinathi Lubisi, 38, from Mandela Park near Matsulu outside Mbombela, said he was put on a waiting list since applying for a government house in 2003.

“I have given up on the ANC. I am embarrassed to keep wearing their T-shirts. I have been a member of the party for such a long time and have never benefitted from it. My shack is very old and it is falling apart,” said Lubisi, who is currently unemployed.

Lubisi said the last time he checked on what progress has been made with regards to his application, he was told to remove his mother from the system as a beneficiary. He did this, but to no avail.

“I apply for an RDP house every year and I am now growing emotionally exhausted, especially since my neighbours got an RDP house a long time ago. I feel that if you are a poor person living in this country, you will always be poor,” said Lubisi.

Provincial human settlements spokesman Freddy Ngobe advised Lubisi to go to his nearest municipal office to verify the details that he filled out on his application form.

“The system shows that his late father was a beneficiary. This may prevent him from getting his own RDP house. We want to encourage him to verify the information he filled out on his application form,” said Ngobe.

When asked about his father, Lubisi confirmed that his father was a beneficiary.

“The reason I started applying for my own RDP is that I moved out when my father died years ago. The house was transferred to my mother and she shares it with her children and relatives. I am a grown man who must have his own home like every man I know. If I was employed I would build myself a proper house before this shack collapses on me,” said Lubisi.

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